Energetic treatment

In an energetic treatment prana will be generated to approach a theme you wish to address through the energy circuits, pressure points, chakra’s and/or aura. So with the generated prana, we can work in various ways.

Possible methods:

Prana activation

Once prana is activated, energy channels are cleansed and one is able to connect to the own energy system and the soul. As indicated before this is done by activating the own “spiritual motor”.

Prana activations are possible in various ways:

In fact, prana is generated in all massage forms. Nevertheless, in a prana activation we will work a lot more profound and conscious towards waking up the energy, while in other massage sessions the energy is free to flow where it is needed. This will manifest in a (much) longer, more intense massage then the other treatments.

Chakra- and aura Balancing

The aura is an electromagnetic field that is manifested by energies running through the body. This field can be disrupted by other electromagnetic influences, such as what we eat and drink, stress, emotions, electricity, cell phones, and many other influential factors. In an aura balancing or chakra balancing these fields will be charged with prana, and create space for your aura to find its natural state so more energy can flow freely through them again and support your general wellbeing.

In a chakra balancing, more focused attention will be put into charging the chakras. In fact the body has an infinite number of chakras, but according to ancient systems there are some specific locations where the “main chakras” reside. In their natural state, one could see them as turning discs and when they turn around at their normal pace, the energy is free to pass through them. In a chakra balancing specific attention is given to themes that are important to you and their impact on the specific chakras that are influenced by it.

Pressure point massage

In a pressure point massage the meridian system is approached through specific pressure points. In any massage form we work on certain meridians, however in pressure point massage the main meridian system according to the Eastern methodology is addressed. According to Eastern methodology, the organs and the different meridian systems are nourished and balanced through specific battery points and meridian points. As a consequence, this leads to a higher wellbeing and increased ability to recover from stress or emotions.

Crystal Healing

A crystal healing can be compared to previously explained methods such as acupressure, chakra balancing or aura balancing. Nevertheless it is more intense because the generated energy (prana) is purified and focused through laser crystals. As a result, it facilitates a more profound penetration of the energy system through specific points. Similarly to above mentioned treatments, in a crystal healing we can focus on specific meridians, pressure points, chakras and the aura. A crystal healing can be combined with other forms of massage.

Swedish (sports) massage

A relaxation massage can contribute to maintaining the general wellbeing both physically as mentally. The goal is to release daily stress in body and mind so the body can experience true relaxation again. It is possible to have only a part of the body treated such as the back, neck, head, shoulders, legs or arms. The massage is performed with massage oil on the bare skin. The difference between a Swedish and sports massage is the tempo of the strokes.

Energetic cleansing

An energetic cleansing can be done for various reasons. Sometimes there are strange energies in people’s homes, or some objects can carry heavy old energies. An energetic cleanse is intended to create space for new energies by resetting the energy in a certain place or object. Old attachments can be released and make room for new energies. Cleansings are offered in customized form and decided in agreement with the client.