Coming home to yourself. Feeling the energy rush through your body. Being enthusiastically alive like a young deer or bull. Activated prana. Manifest those things you have always dreamt of. Being able to let go of fears. Grow. Have good sex or (more) intimate relationships. Being able to be happy with what “is”. Using setbacks or emotions as tools to transformation. It is all possible with Re-Source.

Re-Source was founded from the soul mission and love for life. The intention is to spread more love around the world through the activities that are organized by Re-Source. Re-Source’s basis to spread love is nothing more than our own family or company environùent because that is where we spend an important part of our life.

As soon as we manage to connect more with ourselves, we bring that into our relationships, sexually, mentalally, emotionally and spiritually, we feel good and we come home to ourselves. As a consequence,the increased self-love is carried out to our partners, friends, family, kids and colleagues. This way we contribute to a more loving world, just by working on ourselves.

There is a blueprint
Of the World
Within my Self
That I can enter
And change
Whatever I see
Is only a projection
Of what I feel
Whenever I See
It is up to me
To enter
The world within
And be free