Tantra is “making love”

…in the widest sense of the word. Not only the physical form of making love. Despite the fact that tantra is often associated with sexuality, it is only a – not unimportant- small part of tantra. One could say that tantra is making love to yourself, others, and to life itself, be it in the original, non-physical form.

Sources such as Taoistic tantra, Kum Nye (Tibetan tantra), Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, Kaula, and many other sources contain techniques to turn on (again) the spiritual “engine” we have inside ourselves. As a consequence, we can connect to our soul, other souls and the universe. Masters sometimes call this state “online” because in this state we become able to “download” the information we need, and we can multiply love within ourselves, charge our energy centers and restore or deepen our sexuality energetically and physically.

There are many perceptions

…on what tantra really means and to what it is intended, and what is right or wrong. Nevertheless it is difficult to claim that we truly know what tantra really is. In reality, many manuscripts of today, and the way we apply them, are interpretations of what was once intended. Furthermore, most of the old manuscripts are lost forever. One could say that not until the idea of what is right and wrong disappears, we are truly capable of understanding why we are following a tantric path. In reality, we all go through different phases, and in any different phase we feel different in what it means to us and why we do it.

So how do we find our way

…in tantra? The answer on that is that everybody can and may discover that for themselves. Independent of the intention with which one starts, it will automatically become more as soon as one is ready for it. It is just fine that tantric techniques are used just to experience better sex within the own relationship(s), but if one truly wants, it could become a lot more.

It is important

…to take sufficient time to develop a profound insight in the own boundaries and needs and further more accept that others’ will have their own specific boundaries and needs. People will naturally work on their own boundaries when they are ready for it. In the events or treatments organized by Re-Source, there is a clear boundary: it is not the intention that sexual contact arises between participants and/or facilitators. In a clearly defined and ethical frame, it is easier to hold the space for participants towards their personal transformation.


Tantric massage

Ok! So you are curious for a tantric massage?

The first step is an intake interview

…to check if this is indeed an appropriate method. Subjects that will be discussed are boundaries, wishes, motivation, context, medical past and issues you’d wish to work on. It will be decided in consultation whether or not this is indeed the most constructive approach.

Tantric massages are solely applied for those who are already client and in case we decide together it is a sound way to approach this specific topic. No exceptions will be made to this principle.

It is possible to work with or without sexual energy

…adapted to the boundaries and wishes of the undergoing person. The (sexual and/or pranic) energy generated during a tantric session is intended to work on themes that are important to your personal life and to release this specific energy in your body. With this energy, we can continue to work in various ways.

In case we work with sexual energy, it will be channeled through the body and not serve any fulfillment of sexual desire. The sexual energy will be used to guide the massaged person in a process of healing or to teach this person to learn how this energy could be cultivated instead. Under no circumstances intimate (erotic) contact between masseur and massaged will be allowed.

To learn how to use sexual energy in a different way, a prana activation is important. Prana energy can be generated independent from sexual energy. It is also possible to activate prana through sexual energy, but this is a lot more difficult to handle or control because of the power of sexual energy.

In a tantric massage, the masseur will be fully clothed

…and stick to mutually discussed and agreed boundaries in a dynamic ethics frame with clear, safe limits, adapted to your needs and experiences. Despite the fact that in a tantric massage the lingam or yoni (male or female sexual organs) might be massaged in certain cases, the goal is different than in an erotic massage. A tantric massage will not address any satisfaction of sexual desires, neither of the masseur nor of the massaged.

Possible methods:

Tantric yoga

…is a tantra yoga practice in which we combine yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and tightening certain muscle groups (bandhas) to get the energy moving. This immediately gives more energy (prana) in the body. This energy can be used to open up and heal yourself. During the asanas tools such as intention, conscious touch, active meditations, rituals, sounds, removing senses, dristha (eye contact), dristhi (focus points) etc. can be used to add specific flavors and a specific intention for each session, which makes every session a unique experience.

With the tantric yoga system you can learn to:

…come home to yourself - activate and control your energy - experience and magnify the three bodies (physical, causal, spiritual) - open your chakras – cleanse your body and mind from toxins - (re- ) discover your own authentic sexuality - break through blockades - love yourself - connect with your inner wisdom, the universe, your soul and other souls – enhance your libido and many other aspects

Tantric yoga is special because:

…this practice leads relatively fast to self-empowerment. You can quickly and easily connect with yourself and others, even strangers. These techniques can be easily integrated in your personal yoga practice and sexuality. Furthermore it teaches us to connect with “pure source energy” and “pure source knowledge”. This leads to more possibilities to connect in love to everything. These tantric techniques can be applied to any theme in your life.

Teaching tantra or tantric massage

A wide range of tantra- and/or tantric massage workshops will be facilitated by Re-Source. Various themes are possible to explore, such as couple work (emotional, tantric sexuality), sexual educative, meditation, tantric yoga for couples, groups, to very spiritual and introspective. Special classes can be requested, in case a sufficient amount of participants wishes to have certain themes addressed a workshop on topic will be organized.

In events or workshops organized by Re-Source, the facilitator will work with a previously discussed partner for explicit exercises. This way, a clearly defined environment in which people feel safe and less inhibited to expand themselves will be promoted.