Who am I

Siegfried Présent (40) is a tantra intstructor and (tantra welness) masseur.

He grew up in a family that is strongly attracted to personal development and spirituality. Because of the fact that his mom and dad are passionate about Eastern philosophy, his father is a well known tai chi teacher EddyPresent.be and his mother a daily practitioner of active meditation, yoga, breath work, etc.

He himself recently graduated cum laude from the “Rasayana Tantra Academy” and the instructor training “Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga” level I. Furthermore, he graduated as cosmetic masseur (Swedish and sport massage). Furthermore he followed some other modular courses such as Shiatsu, chair massage, engaged communication and more. Last but not least, he keeps visiting his Ashram, to keep developing himself on energetic level. Today he is ready to support other people in their spiritual journey and exchange knowledge in workshops, coaching sessions, tantra lessons and (tantric) personalized treatments.