Tantra-Yoga for beginners Part I & Part II


In this tantric training we offer you transformational growth work for people without any experience or little experience in tantra. There will be a series of exercises offered to give you the possibility to increase intimacy and connection within existing relationships, by increasing intimacy and connection with yourself.

This concept exists of multiple building-up series that could be followed either seperately each day, each weekend or multiple weekends.  Elementary techniques will be repeated regularly.

During the course of this training, the work will become a bit more advanced. This concept contains relaxation exercises, meditation, introspection, tantric communication, ancient tantra kriya yoga (main ingrediënt!), massage basics, connection exercises, chakra work, theme work, sexual continence exercises, theory lessons (from reflective perspective), conscious touch, prana activation exercises, and more.

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is a tantric yoga in which yoga poses (asana’s), breathing techniques (pranayama’s) and tensioning certain muscle groups (bandha’s) are combined to start moving the source energy. With this source energy (prana) we can connect with ourselves, others and the universe.

This prana will be cultivated and mixed with the energy coming from the root chakra. During the asana’s specific techniques such as intention, conscious touch, active meditation, rituals, dristha’s (eyecontact), dristhi’s (focus points) and more, will be used which makes every session a unique experience.


Tantric tools for transformation
Basis to physical techniques that make prana out of breath  - difference between sexual energy and prana en how to work with it  -  process work and significance

Tantric meditations
Basis to efficient medition  -  introspection  -  prana types  -  meridian– and chakrasystem  -  micro cosmic orbit basis

Tantric rituals and devotion
Basis to sacred actions  -  Consent, boundaries, empathy and vulnerability  -  connection, prana & tantric sadhana  -  what makes a ritual sacred and what is devotion

Sacred sexuality
Basis to another way of experiencing sexuality (no physical sex with other participants)  -  continence techniques  -  orbit & pranayama as cultivation techniques



Meditation pillow, yoga mat, blanket, loose outfit, towel, important object, lunch package and sufficient water. (There is a stove, refrigerator, thermos cans, cutlery, etc.)

Daily schedule